How to Talk to Your Butcher

Butcher Shop Manchester NH

In Southern New Hampshire it is a luxury to visit a butcher shop.  The norm is to get all our meats from the chain supermarkets where everything is wrapped in plastic and appears on Styrofoam trays.  This trend has made many of think about the benefits of knowing the source of our food and having a say in the freshness of it.  The knowledge that a good butcher possesses is also a valuable tool for cooks who want to know more about how to prepare a cut of meat and to make informed decisions about portion size, quality and what cuts of meat are best for a recipe.  So…How to talk to your butcher? Here are our top 4 tips for talking with your butcher:

A Matter of Trust – Remember that trust works both ways.  Don’t ask questions that portray a sense that the butcher is trying to up-sell you.  Certain cuts of meat work better for different recipes.  For instance you would not use filet mignon if you are preparing beef stew.  Ask questions about the meat in a tactful manner.  Your butcher will get to know you and see your loyalty as a customer.  You’ll be more likely to get a good answer.

Be Prepared – Know what recipes you are going to prepare before you go to the butcher shop.  Most butchers will know which cuts of meat you need.  Be ready to tell the butcher if you will be grilling, roasting, stewing or broiling the meat.  Also know how many people you need to serve.  The butcher knows how much to sell you.  Know something about the cuts of meat.  We all want a tender steak, but a tenderloin is not as satisfying.  Brisket and flank steak are delicious if you know how to season and cook them.  Ask about less popular cuts.  A leg of lamb may be just the thing to keep your family excited about dinner.  A whole roasted leg will be less costly and may be enough for several meals.

Set a Budget – One intimidation for butcher shop visits is knowing how much it will cost.  Tell the butcher your price range and ask for suggestions.  If you want to serve your guests a filet mignon but know the price will be too high, the butcher may suggest getting 1 large steak and surrounding it on the platter with sausages for a mixed grill.  This way you can cut up the steak and it goes farther.

Respect for Animals is Key – A good butcher knows that.  One great butcher once said:  “An animal needs 4 things:  a good life, a good death, a good butcher and a good cook.”

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Lucky for those of us who call Manchester New Hampshire home there are several great butchers that you can choose from.  We look for a shop that is clean and friendly.  Here are some local butchers near your Red Oak Apartment:

  • Butcher shop Manchester NH: T Bones Market  at 66 Union St in Manchester.  They are open 7 days a week and offer many specialty grocery items, craft beer and catering.
  • Butcher in Goffstown: Lemay and Sons Beef at 116 Daniel Plummer Rd, Goffstown , NH.  Convenient location and a long history of serving the area is a feature here.
  • Near Milford and Merrimack, NH: The Flying Butcher 124 State Route 101A, Amherst, NH.  This shop offers expert service, lots of pre-seasoned cuts and BBQ side dishes.
  • Near Derry, NH: Mr. Steer Marketplace at Buttrick Rd in Londonderry.  This shop has a wide variety of hot and cold meats, deli products and fresh produce.


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