How to Enjoy the Swimming Pool at your Apartment Community

A refreshing swim on a hot day is a great way to stay cool and have some fun.  Whenever someone is swimming at a pool, it is important to remember that there are rules and conventions of etiquette that should be followed so that everyone has the best time possible. Here are a few things to consider before donning a swim cap and lobster-printed swim trunks when you enjoy the pool at your apartment community.

kids at pool

Wear the Proper Swimwear in the Pool to Enjoy the Pool

Before diving right in, it is important to dress appropriately. Proper swimwear or clothes that do not absorb a lot of water are a great idea to wear.  Street clothes will absorb more water and could potentially make keeping afloat difficult for someone who is not a strong swimmer.  Street clothing can also have buttons, decorative addons and loose parts that can fall off in a pool and clog the filtering equipment for the pool.  Other items to make sure to bring are a towel to dry off with, clothes to change in and out of, non-slip footwear for walking around the pool, sunglasses to protect your eyes and plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

kids at pool

Follow the Rules at your Apartment Community Pool

Every public pool has its set of rules. It is important to find where these rules are (in most cases the rules are prominently displayed close to the pool) and to follow them. This way everyone can act respectively to fellow swimmers and the property that they are at, as well taking the necessary precautions to have maximum fun.  The basic rules revolve around being safe while at the pool.  Glass is never allowed and behaviors that could cause harm to you or others are prohibited.

child with swim goggles

No Splashing in the Pool

It is important that children know that in a public pool, splashing is not allowed. Sometimes when swimming, splashing is inevitable but two children splashing water at each other and inadvertently other swimmers, can put a damper on a nice, relaxing day. The dog days of summer are perfect for swimming but no one loves chlorine in their eyes. There are many ways to have a lot of fun in the pool without annoying other swimmers.

children playing in pool

Use the Restroom before Swimming at an Apartment Pool

It is very unsanitary to do anything inside a swimming pool besides swimming. Make sure to go to the bathroom before swimming. Chlorine is in swimming pools to help protect against viruses and bacteria that humans and nature bring in to the pool, so not adding to the bacteria is the best practice. Children should definitely make sure that they do not have to use the restroom before swimming.  Using swim diapers is good for keeping solid wastes out of the pool only. 

mother with children at pool

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Kids at the Pool

Adults love relaxing at the pool, but children are all about having fun and using all their energy to do so.  The goal at a pool is for everyone to enjoy the amenity.  Loud talking, booming music and youngsters running around is not conducive to relaxation and most importantly safety.  Adults who bring their children to the pool should know that they are responsible for them at all times.  Adults should not be afraid to step in if they think a child is struggling to swim or having other problems in the pool, especially in a setting where there are no lifeguards on duty.  Many apartment communities offer adult only swim times for those folks who want to enjoy the pool without distractions.  Check with your apartment manager for when these times are scheduled.

swimming underwater

Know Your Own Limitations When Swimming

It is your responsibility to know your swimming abilities.  Never swim alone and do not swim while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  If you or anyone with you does not know how to swim always stay in the shallow end of the pool.  You might want to consider taking swim lessons from a qualified person at your local YMCA or other similar organization.


Swimming and summer go hand in hand and can be an amazing way to spend your time while it is warm out. It is also important to remember that there are written and unwritten rules about using a swimming pool, especially if you are at a community/public pool.

At Red Oak Apartment Homes, we have several different locations that offer a swimming pool. Our four apartment communities in Milford, NH share the outdoor pool at Milford Trails. In Manchester, Sunset Ridge Apartments offers a pool as an amenity to its residents. If you are a resident at any of those locations, feel free to cool off any time during the summer months.  Check available apartments at those two communities and all other Red Oak communities.

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