Low Maintenance Apartment Patio Gardening

Enjoying the outdoors in New Hampshire is a joy in the warm months.  Many of our apartments feature patios or balconies.  These are perfect places to hang out, enjoy your family and friends and to plant flowers or vegetable plantings.  Here are some great tips on low maintenance apartment patio gardening and how to easily decorate your patio and balcony this summer!

Keep it Simple:

When shopping for a pot for your plants make it simple. It’s visually appealing when the pots match so skip the multi-colors and fancy more expensive designs. Don’t use too many different plants, one or two of the same kind will do and give it a nice clean look.  We love the look of terra-cotta planters.  They look good and keep the moisture in for your plants.  Never place planters or pots on the top railing of your patio or balcony.  A strong wind could knock them over.  You wouldn’t want to see someone or their pet get hurt.

Apartment Patio gardening

Add A Special Touch of You:

Get a favorite statue and add it to you plant pots or even just purchase flowers in your favorite color to make your patio garden express you.  It’s a great idea to add some non-flowering plants into the mix too.  Herbs are pretty and an added benefit is that you can use them in your cooking.

Container gardening on apartment balconies

Skip the Extras:

Try to skip impulse buys for your garden, stick to the original plan. Changing too many things or adding more plants or decorations can make it begin to look cluttered.  Go for a simple clean and uncluttered look.  Using pots of varying sizes helps to make your design look balanced and welcoming.

Buy Cheap: 

Hit up yard sales and flea markets for some cheap and affordable containers. You can spray paint the containers all one color to make your garden look uniform.  To save some money use small flowers and plants as they are usually cheaper. An even more affordable option would be growing your plants and flowers from a seed, it takes longer but for under $5.00 you can have an entire a garden.

flowering plants on apartment balcony

Low Maintenance Features

You will need water to keep your plants healthy.  Have a watering can that you can fill in your apartment’s sink.  Add plant fertilizer every 2 weeks to ensure healthy and vibrant blooms.

Enjoy the beauty of your garden all summer long.

Need a Great Apartment?

Southern New Hampshire and the city of Manchester are great places to live.  Red Oak Apartment Homes can help you find your perfect place.  We have many apartments with patios and balconies that would be perfect for your gardening skills.

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