Ways to Remove Pet Odors in Your Apartment

Remove Pet Odors

Finding an apartment community that welcomes your pets can sometimes be a challenge.  You love your furry friends, but sometimes you don’t like the pet odors that can become apparent in your apartment.  We have consulted some experts and here are their best strategies for ways to remove pet odors from your apartment.  


Remove Pet Odors from Carpeting

Be on a schedule for regular cleaning and vacuuming in your apartment.  We suggest a weekly vacuum of all floors, furniture, throw rugs and curtains.  This will capture hair and dander from your pets.  Small rugs can be easily replaced if their odors become offensive too. Pets love to get cozy with fabric surfaces.  Make sure that your give these areas some cleaning attention on a regular basis.

Use enzyme cleaners on hard surfaces that your pets come in contact with.  This might include hard furniture, flooring and tile floors.  When you choose an enzyme cleaner check to see that it does not contain any toxic chemicals or ingredients that may be harmful to your animals.  When you are cleaning, do not forget the bed where your pet sleeps.  Get into all the crevices to get all traces of pet odor

A dog’s bed is a natural place for hair and odors to lodge.  Flip your pet’s bed over and clean the underside too.  Washing your pet’s toys is a good idea.  Place them in a bucket of warm soapy water.  Let them soak for a while.  Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of soap and then dry.  Your pet will love them even more after this treatment.

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Battling Cat Odors in Your Apartment

Turn your attention to the most obvious place for cat odor to be.  That’s the litter box!  You should be scooping the litter box daily, if not more than once a day.  Get the waste out of your apartment.  Never flush the litter covered waste down the toilet.  We recommend bagging it in plastic and bringing it out to the dumpsters or outside trash receptacles at your home.  Replace the litter weekly and opt for an unscented brand.  This way you are not simply “masking” the odor.  Many cats prefer unscented litter.  When you empty the litter box, first wash it out with hot soapy water then sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of the box.  It helps to minimize odors.

Grooming your cat is another way to keep down kitty odors. Grooming removes hair and dander from your pet.  Regular trips to the vet can help with pet odors too.  Does your cat have “bad Breath”?  This may be the sign of an infection or other dental problems.

Your apartment may be smelly because you leave cat food out for long periods of time.  Always clean up the area where your cat eats after meals.  Change the water in the bowls daily and wash them out to prevent smelly bacteria from multiplying in them.


Remove Dog Odors in your Apartment:

Giving your dog a bath is the first order of business if they have a funky smell.  Always use a shampoo approved for dogs.  The pH levels are designed for them and will not be irritating.  Avoid baby shampoo and any other shampoos for human use.    Brush your dog before and after the bath.  This will help to make the job easier.  Brushing before the bath helps to calm your dog too.  When you give a dog a bath make sure to have plenty of towels on hand, use a non-slip mat in the tub and always block the drain to prevent hair clogs.  Use warm water to make the job more pleasant for them as well.

Pet stains and accidents are a problem for dog owners.  Clean up stains as thoroughly and quickly as you can on furniture and carpets.  If your pet smells the odor from an accident they may think that it is okay to go back to that spot again.   Always use cleaning products made just for pet accidents.  They contain a special enzyme that reacts to and neutralizes the odors.  Get the product deep into the carpet.  Many folks like absorbent cleaning pads.  You need to train your dog to use these and then you remove them from the house quickly after they are soiled.  They are better than paper towels. 

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Pet Friendly Apartment Options in Southern New Hampshire

When you are looking to move into an apartment with pets, it is important to follow the rules set out in the apartment community you choose.  This is for the protection of all the residents who live there.  Be sure to disclose the type of pets you have when you apply for an apartment.  Many apartment communities require vet papers for your dog when you apply.   Be aware of the pet fees that may be required at your apartment community.  These are your responsibility to pay each month.

Red Oak Apartment Homes offers many choices for pet friendly apartment living.  With over 1,900 apartments in 7 NH towns and cities we have an apartment for every pet lover.  Cats are welcome in every apartment and dogs are welcome at over half of our apartment homes.  Some locations accept dogs up to 25 pounds and some accept dogs of any size. Contact us so that we can find the place that is just right for your pets.

Those of us who are pet lovers admit that there is a little more cleaning to do in our apartment homes, but it is a small price to pay for the friendship and love that our pets give to us.

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