What’s So Great About Living in Derry, NH?

Things to do in Derry, NH

Derry is a quaint and lovely town in Rockingham county New Hampshire. 42 miles North of Boston MA, Derry is situated between Manchester and Salem and offers residents an alternative to bigger city living in New Hampshire.  This town is the fourth most populous in the state with just about 34,000 residents.  It is known for its easy access to Route 93 making it an easy location to commute to Boston and parts of Northern NH.

Robert Frost Farm

Derry has a unique nickname, “Spacetown”.  This is derived from the fact that Alan Shephard, the first astronaut from the United States to go into space was born in Derry.  Derry was also home to the poet, Robert Frost for about 11 years.  His farm is now a National Landmark and visited throughout the summer months for poetry seminars, tours and other cultural events.

People who choose to make Derry their home enjoy the benefits of this healthy environment, the good school system including Pinkerton Academy and the ease of life in this town.

Here are some of our finds for great things to do in Derry NH.

Ballard Pond Derry

A Place for Healthy Living:

Derry is home to several town parks, as well as fishing and hiking trails around Ballard State Forest’s Ballard Pond (home to the Taylor Sawmill historic site as well).  Offerings also include pastoral park space, exciting water attractions like the Splashpad and the Gallien’s Town Beach as well as playgrounds, ballfields and areas for town sponsored concerts and events.  Check out the town’s facilities here.

derry gyms and fitness centers

For many people, healthy living means having a great place to work out.  Luckily in Derry NH there is  a gym/facility for everyone. There are your traditional gyms like  Planet Fitness with exercise machines for lifting & cardio. These gyms offer you the freedom to work out on your schedule and at your own pace. Costs may vary due to special offerings but typically these gyms are your most affordable options!   If you enjoy a more structured work out then you might want to try Breathe CrossFit. A modern new style of working out.   CrossFit creates workout routines that allow you to exercise muscles used in normal everyday life!  Another option offered in Derry NH is Simply Fit Fitness for Women. They offer affordable personalized goal-based training to women who want to improve their quality of life.

Derry Rail Trail

Another wonderful amenity in Derry is the Derry Rail Trail Walking and Biking Trail.  This maintained trail travels from Windham Road to North High Street.  The trail is 3.5 miles long and is paved for the entire length.  This quiet and serene trail is perfect for those who love the outdoors.  We suggest that you stop in the center of Derry and have a treat or a coffee at the Grind Rail Trail Café.  It is located on West Broadway in a building owned by Red Oak Apartment Homes

Whatever you like to do there are ways to be active in Derry.

restaurant place setting

A Place to Grab a Bite:

Some of the best things about the town of Derry are the amazing spots to grab something to eat. There are tons of options ranging from your quick typical fast food, to local owned pubs, corporate restaurants, and even ice cream parlors. One staple of Derry NH that everyone who visits must try is the famous Mary Ann’s Diner! Serving coffee and breakfast since 1989, Mary Ann’s is a place you will not forget. Try the extra-large portioned breakfasts, or enjoy classic diner fare.  Mary Ann’s Diner is a great way to start your day! Another amazing establishment in Derry NH is Moo’s Place Ice Cream. Though only open seasonally, this ice cream stop has created some serious buzz since its creation in 2004. With multiple award winning flavors and the perfect family attitude and environment, when Moo’s is open it is very hard to pass without stopping in for a cone or a cup!

derry dog in grass

Free Fun in Derry:

Sometimes you want to spend time with your family or pets without having to empty your wallet! One personal favorite has to be Hood Park at 4 Rollins St. Derry, NH.   Enjoy basketball & tennis courts, a roller hockey rink, walking trails, and a private beach and swimming area! You could enjoy a full day of healthy activities that are only a short walk away from your Red Oak Apartment.

Are you a pet lover?  Don’t  think we forgot about your furry friends! Derry NH has one of the best outdoor dog parks in the state. With a double gate entrance, this massive fenced in area allows dogs to play freely in a safe enclosed environment. There is even a small dog area, (under 20lbs) separated from the main area. Both spaces contain obstacles for agility. There are rules and regulations to the dog park so make sure to check out the website before going!

derry new hampshire apartments

Derry is a Great Place to Live in an Apartment

Red Oak Apartment Homes offers a variety of apartment options in the town of Derry.  There are studios, one, two and three bedroom styles to choose from.  Our properties are in close proximity to downtown Derry and all have free parking.  Bring your cat with you as all of our Derry apartments welcome your kitty.  When you choose to rent an apartment in Derry from Red Oak you never have to pay a Security Deposit.

Derry NH is a wonderful place to live and visit.  There are many options for apartment living here.  Let Red Oak Apartments help you find one in this town that will be just the right fit for you.

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