How to Stop Your Dog From Barking in Your Apartment

How to stop a dog from barking in an apartment – Tips and Tricks

Training your dog to stop barking takes time and effort.  You may not see results overnight, but with patience and consistent reinforcement you can do it.  Here are some tips on how to stop a dog from barking in an apartment.

Have you ever lived in an apartment where you could hear the neighbor’s dog barking?  You may have even thought to yourself:  Why can’t they make him stop?  If you don’t want your neighbors thinking the same about you try these tips.

dog licking a red kong toy

Bored dog?

Your dog may be barking because he is bored.  Provide entertainment and toys for him to play with.  Ones that have a treat hidden inside are especially good at keeping your dog’s attention. Freezing peanut butter inside a Kong toy can provide hours of play time for the dog.


Pug and cat sitting together

Lonely dog?

Your dog may be barking because she is lonely.  Being away from home can be stressful on pets.  Some get separation anxiety.  Does your dog get along with cats?  Consider getting her a furry friend.  Companionship might be what she needs to calm the barking. Did you know?  All Red Oak Apartments are cat friendly.

Dog Park

Your dog may be barking because he craves some exercise.  Walk your dog before you go out for the morning.  Try to get home around mid day to walk him again.  If your job does not allow this, it might be worthwhile to hire a pet walking service or have a friend come over to walk them around noon.  Maybe that neighbor who is complaining about the barking may like to walk the dog for you during the day.

Consider living in an apartment community that has a dog park where your dog can play off-leash.

Did you know these three Red Oak apartment communities have dog parks:

Sunset Ridge Apartments in Manchester, NH

Redstone Apartments in Manchester, NH

Milford Trails Apartments in Milford, NH

Crate your dog to help with excessive barking.  Putting him in the crate helps to eliminate distractions that lead to barking.  Make sure there is water in the crate and that your dog has enough room to move around.  If this doesn’t help you may want to consult with a professional trainer.

Use positive reinforcement when you are home and your dog does not bark.  A treat and a tummy rub will let him know that not barking is the way you want him to behave.  Start this process early so that he will develop this good habit while young.

Block their view.  Dogs often bark when they can see outside the room they are in.  Sounds can also trigger your dog to bark.  Try playing soft music or put the TV on low in your apartment while you are out.  This will distract your dog from noises in the hallway outside your apartment.


At Red Oak Apartment Homes we love your furry friends.  We welcome dogs at over 50% of our apartment homes.

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