How to Decorate Your Apartment without Risking Your Security Deposit

When you move into an apartment, it becomes your new home. Although the apartment already comes with certain features that you can’t change out without putting your security deposit at risk, there are a lot of decorating that you can do to your apartment to make it unique and give it a touch of your own personal flair without risking your security deposit.

Take a look at our suggestions on Decorating without Risking Security Deposit

Decorate with rugs

Rugs Add Personality and Color without Risking a Security Deposit

Even the drabbest floors can become alive again with a splash of color or design!   Adding a rug or a carpet cannot only prevent wood floors from becoming too scratched, but it can also provide a burst of color to any room in your apartment. Alternatively you can even choose a rug to match your own personal style. A rug makes even the coldest floors a lot more comfortable to walk on and helps to absorb noise too.

House plants in an apartment

House Plants in Your Apartment

Adding a plant to your apartment is an easy way to give it a three dimensional feel. There are a wide variety of plant options available to choose from that work well inside. A lot of these plants can handle a decent amount of neglect, so you don’t have to freak out if you forget to water them. Succulents are a hardy plant that looks nice and takes a lot of abuse.  As an added bonus, some plants purify the air in your apartment as it is sitting there. For an added flair, change out the ceramic pot from the hardware store for something custom that speaks to your personality.  If you have pets be sure to choose plants that are non-toxic to your pets.

Mirrors in your apartment

Decorating with Mirrors and Tall Items are Great Ideas

Often times when decorating an apartment, the space near the ceiling often goes unused. By placing a tall bookcase or mirror in your apartment, you can utilize some of this space that would have otherwise been unused. If you have a collection of like objects these tall shelves can be a wonderful way to display your collection.  It adds color and life to your apartment.  Mirrors help to reflect light and brighten your rooms. Use a book shelf to add storage space to your place too.

Choose an Apartment Community That Welcomes Your Decorating Ideas

When you move, be sure to ask about the decorating policies at your new community.  Some apartments allow you to paint walls as long as you paint them back to the original color when your lease is up.  Some communities have rules regarding decorating patios and balconies too.  Check on these rules so that you do not have any surprises when you move-in.  Red Oak Apartment Homes wants you to feel comfortable in your apartment home.  Check with them to get started with your apartment search.

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