Decorating Your Studio Apartment’s Kitchen

Decorating Your Studio Apartment’s Kitchen is easy with our tips.  A studio apartment that has a kitchenette is the hidden gem in any home-it allows for more storage, counter top space and of course some decoration! Kitchenette’s usually have many of the same amenities as the kitchen, yet take up half the space. Options for how to best utilize your kitchenette are endless! Here’s a few.

Decorating Your Studio Apartment's Kitchen

Use overhead shelving: 

Overhead shelving is a stylistic way to get dishware off the counter and organized. Depending on your color scheme, dishware on the open shelves can add a splash of color.  It also helps you to organize your dishware and serving plates.

Make use of the cupboards for extra storage: 

Cupboards both under and over the kitchenette are perfect for storing supplies, therefore freeing up more space for you on countertops.  Adding a small portable cupboard can add more storage space to your studio.  This could be placed near the kitchen.

Studio Kitchen decorations

Turn your kitchenette into a wine or coffee bar: When Decorating Your Studio Apartment’s Kitchen

For those looking to be especially creative with their kitchenette, turn the space into a coffee or wine station.  Wine lovers know that there are many creative ways to display wine or coffee.  A wine rack above your fridge is a great idea.  Use your counter space for a coffee station.

Studio Stove and Mirror

Hang a mirror on the wall above to give the illusion of more space

There are multiple options for how to dress up your kitchenette. Whether it be turning it into a fully functioning coffee bar or simply taking advantage of the extra cabinet space-there is no wrong way to style your “little kitchen!”  Studio apartment living is an economical way to save money on rent too.  Think about the city or town you live in.  Maybe you don’t need a coffee bar if there is a coffee shop in your neighborhood.

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