What Renters Want in Their Apartment at 409 Elm Street!

New apartment communities are cropping up in the New Hampshire landscape and renters are clamoring for new technologies, luxury living and eco-friendly living.  Red Oak Apartment Homes, the only retailer of apartments in the state, has listened to our renters and can proudly say that we offer the amenities that today’s renters crave at our newest building at 409 Elm Street in Manchester, NH.

Smart Locks Top the List of What Renters Want

Technology in their apartment homes is considered a given by today’s renters.  Property upgrades that include high tech features are very important.  Red Oak has included the top high tech features in its newest property at 409 Elm Street.

Topping the list of must haves is Keyless Entry.  This feature allows smart access to a renter’s apartment and the amenities in the building.  It is easy to use and provides a sense of comfort and security.  Smart locks can open doors from a distance, allow a renter to have a friend enter their apartment or make it easy to access the fitness areas and co-working areas.  In addition renters are craving smart thermostats and lights.  The building at 409 Elm Street features this amenity too.

Solar Panels on the roof at 409 Elm Street

Sustainability and green living at 409 Elm Street Apartments

Eco-friendly living and green features have become a major concern for renters, especially the younger generation.  Red Oak has made sure that the new building at 409 Elm Street addresses these concerns.  Solar panels have been installed on the roof of the building to power the common areas in the building.  This ultimately saves money for everyone in the building and positively impacts the environment.

Electric vehicle charging stations are in the parking lot and will allow residents and visitors to charge up their vehicles at a low cost.  As more folks adopt electric vehicles we have the wiring in place to add additional charging stations in our lot when the need for more charging space is realized.

Great discussions were held when the building was constructed  to ensure that the best materials were used to make the building energy efficient with high insulation factors, windows that are highly energy efficient and an outer frame that had no penetrations that would let energy escape from the building.  Efficient cooling and heating towers on the roof are a dominant way that this happens.

In addition, low flow faucets, shower heads and washing machines add to the energy savings for renters. Refillable water bottle stations in the lobby encourages folks to avoid the unnecessary use of disposable water bottles.  Red Oak has also helped out the renter by including free hot water in the rent at this property.  The hot water delivery system is state of the art and efficient.

Smart thermostats are so popular that it is a must have for all renters who want to lower their carbon footprint.  These devices are not only energy efficient but they add convenience to individuals who want to heat or cool their apartments only when they are home or on their way home.

In Home Wi-Fi is Free at 409 Elm Street

In a national survey conducted by the National Multifamily Housing Council they found that 7 out of 10 renters want community wide wi-fi and in-home wi-fi.  At Red Oak at 409 Elm Street there is reliable connectivity and it’s included in the rent.  What better way to save than that?  With more people working from home and streaming entertainment it’s a no brainer to have this amenity.

Coworking Offices at 409 Elm Street

Collaborative Workspace at 409 Elm Street


Red Oak knows that co-working spaces and amenities make working from home convenient.  A coworking office space with private suites is right in the building for residents to use at a discounted price.  These spaces allow residents to connect and network without the hassle of traveling to work.  The free coffee bar in the Red Oak lobby enhances this feeling of well-being and connectivity.

Package Delivery

Package Delivery

Efficient package delivery systems and space to receive packages is important to renters today.  Red Oak has ample secure package delivery space.  The smart technology in the building allows resident to be notified when a package has been delivered.

Security Cameras

Believe it or not this is also a high priority in a smart building.  The world can be a scary place and residents love knowing that a surveillance system in the common areas of a building can be beneficial to them and helps to make them feel secure.  Did you know that living in a building with this amenity can help you get a discount on your renter’s insurance?  Ask your insurance provider about it.

Robotic Studio Bed/Sofa

Space Saving High Tech Robotic Studios at 409 Elm Street Apartments

The ultimate in high tech is a robotic bed.  The system used in our studios allows the user to raise their Queen sized bed up to the ceiling during the day with just the push of a button.  Now you have a living room for entertaining, relaxing, working from home or watching TV.  At night simply push the button again and now your bed gently lowers down.  This creates a partially furnished apartment that is convenient and saves you space.  With 409 Elm’s location in the heart of the city of Manchester you can walk to entertainment venues, restaurants, bars and shopping.  The city is like your living room!

409 Elm Street Apartments

Your Dream Apartment Awaits

Red Oak at 409 Elm Street is now offering tours for these sleek and modern studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.  Contact us to get started living the Red Oak Life.

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