Insider Tips for Dog Park Etiquette

You love your furry friends and getting them out of your apartment and into the fresh air is important!  Walking your pups on a leash is great fun but sometimes you want them to be off leash and able to run freely. A dog park is the perfect place for this.

Insider Tips for Dog Park Etiquette

insider tips for dog park etiquette

Check out the mood in the Dog Park

An important insider tip for dog park etiquette is to observe the area before your enter.  You can stand outside together and observe what is happening inside.  Do you see any aggressive dogs or owners who are not paying attention to their canines?  If you don’t feel that it is safe, do not enter the park.  This is for your dog’s safety.  You might try coming back later or go to another dog park that is close by. Some dog parks have separate spaces for larger dogs.

insider tips for dog park etiquette

Have verbal control of your Dog

Most dogs are excited to see the dog park as they know they will have free range of the space. Remember that it is always your responsibility to have control of your dog.  An insider tip for dog park etiquette means that your dog has had training before you go to the dog park.  In fact, training for your dog should occur well before you attempt the dog park.  Make sure your dog will respond to verbal commands.  Be aware of your dog’s activity while in the dog park to be sure they are interacting positively with the other dogs that are present.  If they do not, act immediately to intervene.

insider tips for dog park etiquette

Keep Some Distance when You Introduce Your Pup to Other Dogs

To prevent dogs from getting too excited and aggressive use some common sense when introducing your dog to others.  Approach the other dog slowly and calmly.  Be close to your dog and use voice commands when needed.  Respect the other dog’s space.  Leave some room between your pet and the other dog.

Stay with Your Dog

Remember that this time is special because your dog can bond with you and get exercise. You should keep moving in the dog park. Use the time to run and play with your dog. Tossing a ball or Frisbee if it can be done safely is a good thing to try too. This behavior will keep your dog in control and keep them safe.  Be sure to monitor your dog at all times.

insider tips for dog park etiquette

Reward Good Behavior

Your dog will act better every time you bring him to the dog park if you consistently reward positive behavior that he exhibits. Use clear commands of praise and pat your dog on the head or give him a treat when good behavior happens.  Dogs like praise and will continue to show good behavior with this positive attention.

Apartments in Southern NH with Dog Parks

Red Oak Apartment Homes has several apartment communities with dog parks.  In the city there is an Urban Dog park at Red Oak at 875 Elm Street.  Here your pups can enjoy climbing structures and a special relief station.  Also in Manchester you will find dog parks at Sunset Ridge Apartments and Redstone Apartments.  In Milford NH there are dog parks at Milford Trails Apartments, Eastern Trails Apartments and The Ridge Apartments.   Check out our available apartments here.

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