Keeping Your Cat Active When Living in an Apartment

Just like humans, cats require, food, water and exercise in order to maintain optimal health. Keeping your cat active when living in an apartment is healthy for your feline friend and fun for you!

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Hunt and Capture

Cats are hunters by nature. Hiding cat treats is a great way to foster their hunting instinct, keep their brain sharp, and provide them with a fun reward all in a single activity. If your cat comes running at the sound of the treat container, they’ll love this activity. Place your cat in another room, bring out the treats and give the container a little shake, then hide a few treats around your apartment. Open the door and let the hunting begin! Great hiding places for the cat treats include on or in their scratching post/kitty condo, in their bed, near a favorite window that they like to look out of or near the place where your cat loves to lounge.

Here are more tips on keeping your cat active when living in an apartment

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Expert Climbers

Cats love to climb, and with the construction of cat trees and kitty condos being more vertical than horizontal, they don’t take up a lot of room, which is purrrfect for apartment living. The multiple levels are often connected with sisal wrapped posts to give your kitty an area to scratch as well as climb. Most local pet stores carry cat trees/kitty condos.  They are also available online from and Amazon, and you can often find them second-hand in great condition on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

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Frisky Fun

Playtime with your cat gives them exercise, and provides you both with lots of entertainment. It’s recommended to play with your cat for at least 30 minutes a day. When choosing toys, the best cat toys mimic the hunt and capture feline instinct. Wands with feathers and bells on the end, as well as laser pointers, and even wiggling a shoelace will get that capture instinct going.

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Hide and Seek

Hide and seek also mimics the hunting experience and can be an active game for both you and your cat. Try peeking around the corner at your cat. When you catch their attention, slowly hide behind the corner, then quickly pop your head back out. This will get their attention, and when done repeatedly, makes them come running to see why their human is being so silly. You can also try hiding in different places and calling to them to see if they can find you (in the closet with the door slightly ajar, in the shower, etc.)

solo play for cats

Solo Play

Cats have mysterious bursts of energy (also known as zoomies). Small foam balls, balls with a small bell inside, catnip and/or mouse shaped toys they can toss around, and even a ball track toy or cat puzzle can allow your cat to play all by his or herself.

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Adopt a Friend

If you already have one feline friend, adopting a playmate might be an option. Often a bit of a transition period is involved, but once they’re used to one another, they’ll keep each other entertained for hours! Check out some of the cuties up for adoption from the Manchester Animal Shelter.

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Cat Friendly Apartment Homes from Red Oak

All Red Oak Apartment Homes are cat friendly, and you can have two. Many of our apartment homes have unique architecture, some  apartments have wide windowsills that double as a cat perch.

With apartment locations in Manchester, Milford, Merrimack, Laconia, Hooksett and Boscawen you are sure to find the perfect home for you and your feline friends.

Quite a few of Red Oak’s properties are dog friendly as well, but shhhhh, don’t tell the cats!  Check out our pet information sheet here.

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