Kitchens with Pass through Windows

Kitchen with window to living room

With a brand new living space there comes long nights of hanging wall décor, unpacking boxes, and rearranging furniture. Once you have the couch in the perfect spot and the T.V. working, you then turn to look at your pass through window- “Now what do I do with this?” A pass through window is a classic touch to any home, but can be a little tricky to design for new home owners. Don’t worry-we’re here to help! Here are a few ideas on what to do with your pass through window…

1. Make it a serving bar:
Set up stools along the window and turn it into your own personal serving bar.

Pass through with bar stools

 2. Decorate with furniture:

Put a piece of furniture directly in front of pass through to make an immediate living room or dining space.

Furniture in front of kitchen pass through window
Chair in front of kitchen pass through window

 3. Design around the pass through:
Decorative wall treatments, windows, wallpaper, tiles, antique mirrors, plates, artwork, etc. all are great tools for dressing up your apartment’s pass through window. 

Kitchen pass through
Kitchen pass through decorated

 4. Use your pass through for extra storage space:
 A crafty way to keep your pass through window organized, yet still decorative is to use mason jars or other small containers to hold kitchen utensils or cooking supplies

Pass through kitchen to dining room with brick accent walls
Arched pass through

Kitchens with window to living room are undoubtedly a unique touch to any home-and now with these tips you can achieve the perfect mix of practicality and style!

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