Snow Removal: The Red Oak Team is Ready for Action

Mother Nature in New Hampshire

The winter in New England can be very tough.  The cold days and long icy stretches seem to last for a long time.  Lucky for our residents, the Red Oak Apartment  Maintenance Team and Contractors are ready for anything Mother Nature throws at them.

When snow is headed to New Hampshire the Red Oak Snow Team snaps into action.  Our crews start preparing way ahead of the storm.  The tasks involve getting snow shovelers ready to go, gassing up our plows, making sure the sanders are full of sand and salt and making the crew schedule for plowing.   Double checking that our contractors are ready is part of the process too.

No one I speak with ever says they like the shoveling or plowing of snow. Sure, they like the white cover in the yard, the ski opportunities and the beautiful look through their window when they are warm and toasty in their home. But when it comes to actually clearing out the stuff it’s a lot of work.  We know that our residents depend on us doing a good job and we remind them that this takes time.  For most storms this means we need to make 2 or 3 or more trips to a parking lot.  The final clean up of the lots occurs after the storm has ended.  Often we are at the mercy of what the town or city plow trucks are doing too.  Know that it is always our goal to do a great job.

Look for Notices to Help You Know our Plowing Schedules

snow shoveling

We inform our residents of the planned schedules for our plowing and shoveling teams.  Your cooperation with moving your vehicles and taking care when navigating the parking lots and sidewalks is appreciated.  You can call our office if you have questions at 603-668-8282.

You too can experience the awesome care from our team when you live in a Red Oak Apartment Home.  We call it the Red Oak Life!

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