When is the Best Time to Move into An Apartment?

Let us help you determine when the best time to move into apartment is

Moving to a new apartment is exciting and a new beginning for you.  It is a time filled with a lot of activity and anticipation.  Getting a new apartment adds some chores to your everyday activities.  You need to pack, get rid of stuff you no longer need, recruit friends to help and more.  It’s work and for some it can be a time of added stress as there are so many things to do in a short period of time. 

Pick a moving date & time that will help to reduce stress

We have one piece of advice that may help alleviate your stress.  Pick a moving date and time that will help to reduce your stress build-up.  You read that correctly – picking a moving date by carefully taking into consideration the time of day, week, month and even year can allow for a less stressful move in terms of convenience and cost. Read on for more details.

Moving boxes

Start Early:

When you move, start early in the day or move at night.   The best time to start your move is in the early morning. In warmer months, the mornings tend to be cooler, roads are less busy and your energy levels are higher.  This will be a good thing if you are lifting and moving lots of boxes and furniture. Getting an early start means more time to unpack and organize your belongings in your new place. Many moving companies offer discounts if you choose to get a moving truck early in the day.  Some even give you a price break if you rent it later in the day.  This way you can move your things in the evening when it can also be cooler.  Be careful not to make too much noise late at night.  You don’t want to disturb your new neighbors. 


moving boxes in apartment living room

Pick a Weekday to Move:

If you stick to a weekday when choosing your move date you can save yourself some money. Everyone chooses to move on the weekend because it’s when they are off from work.  If you can take a day off during the week you will save money and you will have a much better chance of getting the moving truck you want on the day you need it.  If you have some friends to help you on that day it will go quickly and smoothly.  We suggest having two or three people who will not move things.  Have them in your new place to be on hand to put together your bed, unpack basics for your kitchen and to direct the boxes to the correct rooms in your apartment as the movers bring them into your apartment.  Make sure that your boxes are clearly marked with the name of the room it is being moved to.

Move in the Middle of the Month:

Most people choose a lease that starts on the first of any given month.  This makes it hard to arrange for movers and other logistics in your quest to move as this is the busiest time for movers.  Ask your new landlord if you can move in the middle of the month.  This will make it easier on you.

Time of Year:

People in America like to move.  We are a very mobile society.  Did you know that roughly 45 million Americans move each year, and most do so in the summer months? This is when moving companies are the busiest.  This is because families want to be able to keep their children in their school environment until June.  Moving in the summer puts less academic stress on the kids.  If you’re planning your move ahead of time, do your best to avoid these months, as this is also the most expensive time of year to move.  Choose to move during the fall, winter, or early spring months like October through March.  Kids adapt well to changes in their schools.  Make sure you visit their new school before you move so that they feel comfortable there.

Choosing the most optimal time to move can be a real headache reliever and save you money too.  Plan ahead and good luck.

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