Robotic Furniture Brings Your Studio Apartment into the Future

The future has arrived at Red Oak’s newest apartment community!  Red Oak at 409 Elm Street is an innovative and smart luxury apartment choice in New Hampshire’s largest city.  Select studio apartments at this location will include robotic furniture that will revolutionize the problem of not having enough space in your studio apartment.  Robotic furniture brings your studio apartment into the future.  Let us show you why you want to try it!

Ori Cloud Bed Sofa

Why Choose Robotic Furniture at Red Oak’s 409 Elm Street? – Because it’s the Future of Small Spaces

Robots are made to solve a problem for users.  In a studio apartment the problem to solve is always about how to maximize your space.  What if you had furniture that helped to double your space and make your simple studio into a 1 bedroom wonder?  Introducing the Cloud Bed!  The Cloud Bed is configured to rise up into the ceiling of your studio and leave a sofa in its place.  This transformation makes it easy to use your studio for sleeping when it’s time to go to bed and for living at other times.  This smart feature makes your apartment transform with just the touch of a button.

Make Your Studio Apartment’s Bed Vanish

The Cloud Bed is effortless.  With the touch of a button your bed rises up into the ceiling.  No need to store pillows or blankets or worry about a messy bed when your friend comes over or you have to do a Zoom call with your boss.  The system is intuitive and can detect if your pet is on the bed when it is raised or if something is under the bed when it is lowered.  The sleek European wood styling is both beautiful and functional.

A Sofa that Magically Appears

The Sofa edition of the cloud bed at Red Oak’s 409 Elm Street Apartments comes at a time when people are spending more time working at home and entertaining at home.  With the touch of a button the transformation from bed to sofa helps to optimize the studio space at this south Elm Street location.  With this amazing studio setup you have room to do your yoga, lay on the couch to game, read or stream your favorite programs or work from home without having to let your boss see you sitting on your bed to work.   A bedroom and living room is essentially what is created in these spaces.

Ori cloud bed sofa in the down position

How Smart is the Cloud Bed?

The Cloud Bed is designed and engineered in the USA.  The system consists of robotic components that move the bed at the touch of a button.  The bed is cantilevered off concealed steel rails that are anchored to a wall and then balanced by a hidden counterweight.  The system works with a pulley system and obstacle detection system that can work even when there is a power failure.  Speaking of power, the system runs on less electricity than a standard hair blow dryer.

A Cloud Bed Studio is Easy to Move Into

With the Cloud Bed your move is fast and easy!  You don’t need to bring a bed, mattress or a sofa with you.  A small chair and a desk or table for your television is all you need.  Save money on hiring a moving company or the inconvenience of trying to talk your friends into helping you move!

Red Oak at 409 Elm Artist Rendering

Red Oak at 409 Elm Street

Red Oak’s Apartments 409 Elm Street are ideally located on the south end of Elm Street in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire.  Walk to the Fisher Cat’s stadium, grocery shopping, dining, coffee shops and public transportation. The select studio apartments have robotic beds at Red Oak at 409 Elm. This building is eco-friendly with solar panels on the roof, a dog washing station, storage lockers, electric vehicle charging stations, free and secure high speed WiFi Internet dedicated to your apartment, smart locks, smart thermostats, a fitness center with yoga room and a washer/dryer in each apartment.  Enjoy a fully applianced kitchen with stainless steel appliances and large windows that offer city and some with mountain views.  You can even see the Fisher Cats stadium from many of the apartments.

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