Save Money on Transportation in Manchester New Hampshire


Save Money on Transportation

Manchester New Hampshire is a hustle and bustle city filled with lots of activity, business and entertainment. One look down Elm Street at any time of the day and you will likely see many cars and pedestrians coming and going. Transportation is a necessity for many in this city, and fortunately there are a lot of ways to get around town and to save money on transportation in Manchester New Hampshire.

Wondering if you need to depend on public transit or your own car is something to contemplate when you need to move.  To help you know how much you will need to depend on finding some way to get yourself around town you can inquire about the walk score for the address you want to move to.  This score tells you how dependent you will be on a car if you choose to live there.  Generally speaking, if you choose an urban location there will be many opportunities to walk or use public transportation to get to shops, dining and entertainment venues.  Living in the suburbs means you will be more dependent on having a car or other methods of using public transportation to get around.

Save Money on Transportation

Saving Money on Public Transportation in Manchester and Area Towns

Odds are, if you live in Manchester you have seen public busses. The Manchester Transit Authority operates many bus routes.   The MTA Bus covers the majority of Manchester with 12 routes that offer consistent service from when the first bus rolls out at 5:30 in the morning until approximately 6:30 at night.  Their website outlines the routes and schedules.

If you are looking to save money taking the bus, the Green Dash bus is for you. The Green Dash is a free shuttle bus that runs downtown in Manchester along Elm Street and the Millyard.  It is a Hybrid Bus and runs from 8:00am to 6:30pm during the week.

Saving on public transportation when your travels take you outside of Manchester is not impossible to do.  You can also save big by taking the specialized MTA shuttle buses to nearby towns like New Boston, Hooksett or Goffstown.

Save Money on Transportation

Taking Public Transportation to Boston From Manchester 

If you plan on going into Boston, you should know about the commuter lines than run to Boston from Lowell MA.  It’s a short drive to Lowell from Manchester and there is public parking at the transportation center that is located at the station at 101 Thorndike St just off Route 495.  You can save by buying a Monthly link pass if this is a trip you make on a regular basis each day or week.  The first bus out in the morning is at 5:30am and will take you to North Station near the Boston Garden.  Once in Boston there are many subway routes, buses and taxis to get yourself around.  Boston is also a very walkable city so wear comfortable shoes and get around on foot to save even more money.

Save Money on Transportation

Saving Money on Your Car Costs

If you have a car and you don’t have to rely on Public Transportation as much, there are still a lot of ways for you to save money.

Car maintenance is important.  Getting your oil changed and tires rotated costs money, but it could save you a lot in the long run. By getting basic maintenance items, such as Oil Changes and Tire Rotations frequently, you  can not only keep your car running in the best shape it can be, you potentially avoid paying for pricier repairs later.  Properly inflated tires can make gas usage more efficient in the long run too.

Another great way to save money on your car costs is to shop around for Gas. Mobile apps like can point you in the direction of the least expensive gas station around, so you won’t need to overpay at the pump anymore.  Believe it or not,  if you drive the speed limit you can save money on gas costs too.  You might even get better rates on your insurance if you drive safely and slowly.  Did you know that a car wash costs about $20 on average?  You can save that money by washing your car yourself.  At $20 a pop that’s almost enough for a tank of gas.

Lastly, a great way to save money on Transportation is to walk or ride a bike to places you need to go. Manchester and the surrounding towns are pedestrian and bike friendly.  There are several bike lanes downtown to help with safely navigating around town.

Save Money on Transportation

Find an Apartment Near Public Transportation

Southern New Hampshire and the city of Manchester are great places to live.  Need an apartment?  Red Oak Apartment Homes can help you find your perfect place.  Choices are always good when looking for an apartment.  Red Oak has over 1,800 for you to choose from.  We welcome your cats at every apartment and dogs at more than 60% of our places.  Looking for a studio to 4 bedroom style, a single family home or condo just call or text us!  Many apartments are near public transportation.  This will help you save money on Transportation in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Check out all our available apartments.

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