Exploring the Vibrant “Greetings from Manchester” Mural

Manchester New Hampshire, a city brimming with creativity and artistic expression, is home to the beautiful “Greetings from Manchester” mural. This vibrant piece of street art is more than just a colorful landmark.   It encapsulates the spirit and energy of the city. In this blog, we’ll dive into the story behind the Greetings from Manchester mural and its significance to the Manchester community.


Greetings from Manchester Mural

Greetings From Manchester Mural in the Heart of the City

The “Greetings from Manchester” mural, located in the heart of the city, proudly showcases the unique characteristics that make Manchester so special. Depicting a postcard-like design, the mural boasts various eye-catching elements.   Each element represents different aspects of the city’s identity.

This is “THE Selfie” spot in the city of Manchester, The beautiful mural was painted by James Chase at 33 Hanover Street in the summer of 2023. It is 4 stories high and depicts the river, mountains and sky of Manchester. It is located on the north side of the Parking Garage behind the Citizens Bank Building and across the street from the Opera Block Apartment and the Palace Theatre.

The mural comprises colorful images reminiscent of Manchester’s iconic landmarks, cultural events, and local traditions. From the curving River Merrimack to the scenic Uncanoonuc Mountains.   The vibrant colors and intricate details breathe life into the artwork. The mural pays homage to Manchester’s rich history tied to the river and the mills.

Greetings from Manchester Mural

A Welcoming and Inclusive City

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the “Greetings from Manchester” mural symbolizes Manchester’s commitment to community spirit. The mural serves as a reminder that Manchester is a welcoming place where people from all walks of life can come together and celebrate their shared experiences.

Greetings from Manchester Mural

A Symbol of Civic Pride and Creativity

The “Greetings from Manchester” mural stands as a testament to the city’s civic pride and the flourishing arts scene. It showcases the talent and creativity of local artists while enlivening the urban landscape. This mural has become an iconic backdrop for photos, both for locals and visitors alike, highlighting their connection to the city.

Greetings from Manchester Mural

Art in Manchester is Important

The “Greetings from Manchester” mural encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Manchester while celebrating its diversity and cultural heritage. As an artistic tribute to the city’s landmarks, traditions, and residents, it serves as a visual reminder of the city’s commitment to inclusivity and creativity. Visit this captivating mural to experience the essence and pride of Manchester firsthand.  Red Oak Apartment Homes, a supporter of the arts in Manchester, commissioned this mural in 2023.  The talents of artist James Chase and his team brought the vision for this art to life.   You can follow the mural on its Facebook page.

Opera Block Apt

Great Apartments in Downtown Manchester

Red Oak Apartment Homes has a wide variety of apartment styles and sizes close to the Greetings from Manchester MuralThe Opera Block is an historic building with 41 studios, 1 and 2 bedroom styles.  The iconic Red Oak at 875 Elm Street, a former bank, has been completely renovated into boutique style one and two bedroom apartments.  The Odd Fellows Apartments – the newest apartments in Manchester with 40 studios and 1 bedrooms feature state of the art robotic studios and high-tech features.

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