Tips for Getting Along With Your Neighbors in Your Apartment Community

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Living in an Apartment Community is a unique experience because you don’t get to choose your neighbors. Apartment Communities host people from all ages, nationalities, cultures and walks of life all in one building. By forming a good relationship with your neighbors, you not only get the peace of mind that you don’t have to walk on eggshells around them, but you may even make a new friend in the process. Here are some of our best tips to get along with your new neighbors.

Be Friendly

A nice smile and a hello is a great start towards having a friendly relationship with your neighbors. Feel free to introduce yourself to a neighbor you haven’t met yet. If you have been there a while, and someone new is on the way in, a small gift such as some baked goods from your favorite local shop or that you have made yourself is a great way to welcome them.  Be sure to respect their desire to not be friendly.  Everyone has their own tolerance for people. 

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Respect Common Spaces

Sometimes you don’t have room to store everything you own in your apartment. However, if you use the hallway as a space to store your stroller, bike or anything else, it could very easily become a fire hazard or at the very least a tripping hazard. Not abusing these areas means that everyone stays safe and has room to walk through their hallways.  Be a good example for all your neighbors.  It’s contagious.

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Be Mindful of Noise

Generally quiet hours in an apartment building start after 10pm and go till 8am to be considerate to those with children, so try to keep music and noise down after that time. If you are planning on throwing a party, you may want to let your neighbors know in advance, just so they can be mindful of it. Plus if they would enjoy it, it might not be a bad idea to invite your neighbors to your party! If your neighbors are being too noisy, the first thing you should do is a polite knock on the door. When they answer, just respectfully ask them if they can lower the volume down without being angry. Be sure to thank them when they do comply with your request.

Your apartment is your home!  You want to be comfortable there and so do your neighbors.   Being a good neighbor goes both ways and will make for a relaxed and stress free life.

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