Young and Looking to Rent

The millennial generation is the generation of children born between 1982 and 2002. It is evident in all our research that this generation, about 81 million strong, is renting more apartments that other generations have in the past.  Many of the reasons for this have nothing to do with a bad economy, dwindling job prospects or smaller households. 

Millennial’s rent because they love the lifestyle! 

They love the many amenities that apartment living offers.  Whether it’s the free gym, pool or free Wi-Fi, this generation loves these features in the places they live.  They love that in an apartment community they can enjoy these amenities and do not have to travel far to use them and there is no upkeep or maintenance.  Other amenities that they seek include movie screening rooms, concierge services, electric car charging ports and underground parking. Many individuals of this generation are very connected to their communities. 

Living in shared spaces in an apartment building builds this sense of community. 

With limited budgets and in urban areas this is especially true.  Millennials also love their city or town outside of the building that they live in.  This offers them opportunities to get involved in projects and activities that make the world a better place.  The city also becomes a “third room” in a sense.  Parks, outdoor cafes and public entertainment are right at their door step.

Flexible lifestyle with young people

Young people love flexibility. 

Renting an apartment offers this to them.  A difficult neighbor will be a distant memory to them 6 months to 1 year after they move-in.  A problem is short lived when you rent.  If job changes or other circumstances arise that make it necessary to move, it is easier to do this if you are renting an apartment.  Many rental companies offer programs where you can break a lease with minor penalties.

This generation also loves convenience. 

There is no need to shovel snow, cut lawns, maintain flower beds or paint your house if you rent.  This leaves Millennials lots of time to pursue the active lifestyles they desire.

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