Top 5 Reasons to Move into a Newly Constructed Apartment Building

Move to a Newly Constructed Apartment

Moving is always an exciting time for renters.  Yes, there is work to be done to pack your belongings and actually move in but there are many reasons why moving into a brand new building is a good idea.  For one thing having the bragging rights to living in a shiny new apartment is amazing.  Here are our top 5 reasons to move into a newly constructed apartment building. Is there new apartment construction near me? Scroll down to find out!

409 Elm Street Construction

The Novelty Factor

A new apartment in a brand new building is pristine, spotless and never been lived in before.  Everything is high tech, top of the line and modern.  These kinds of apartments tend to have higher ceilings, larger windows, better energy saving features, washers and dryers in the apartment and fully equipped kitchens.  Most people who seek out newly constructed apartment buildings like the idea that no one has ever used anything in the apartment before.

beautifully decorated balcony

Extra Amenities

Most new buildings try to offer an array of amenities that their competition does not have.  These amenities can range from having electric car charging stations in the parking area to solar panels on the roof.  In addition, the interior of many of these apartments will have lots of LED lighting, charging stations and energy efficient appliances. Many new apartments offer in home washers and dryers too.  Amenities are anything but basic in new apartment buildings. You may enjoy state of the art gyms, package rooms and beautiful lounge spaces.  Throw in niche amenities like space saving studios, free coffee in the lobby and pet washing facilities and you can feel assured that your apartment is better than any others around you.  Many folks like to know that storage space is in the building and closets are large in their new place. Is there new apartment construction near me? Find out below.

two husky puppies

Pets are Welcome

Many new apartment communities recognize that pets are part of your family.  Not only are newly built apartments pet friendly but they also offer amenities that cater to your pets.  Look for pet washing stations, dog parks or proximity to parks and even gourmet pet treats for your pets to enjoy.  Many apartment communities sponsor pet friendly social activities.  Expect to be invited to a “yappy hour” or “dog stroll” event.

hand opening apartment door

Staff that’s Eager to Please

In a newly opened building you will often find staff that is highly motivated to be extra friendly and helpful.  Many of these properties have high tech greeting systems that help you to navigate the ins and outs of your new place. 

ariel view of 409 construction

Great Locations

New properties are often built near city centers that can offer you many entertainment and social amenities.  These new apartment buildings have locations that are near shopping, groceries and public transportation.  Look for social clubs in your new location that can help you connect with the neighbors in your building and in your new town or city.

Red Oak at 409 Elm Street

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