What to Look for When Viewing an Apartment Video Tour

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Make the most informative and productive use of your apartment search time by following these simple tips on what to look for when viewing an apartment video or virtual tour.  You have probably spent a lot of time looking at various apartment options on-line or on your mobile device.  Now it’s time to take a video tour.  It’s a convenient and time saving way to preview an apartment community and its offerings.   Here are our top tips for what to look for when viewing an apartment video tour

standard two bedroom floor plan

Familiarize Yourself with the Apartment’s Floor Plan

A virtual or video tour experience will be better if you have an idea about the floor plan of the apartment you are viewing.  If you can’t find the floorplan online at a property’s website then call a leasing agent to ask them to send it to you.  If you understand the layout of an apartment it makes your see the interior with more clarity when you watch the video.  The floor plan also helps you to see the size and proximity of rooms in the apartment.  You can see where windows are and how many closets are in the apartment this way too. 

windows overlooking Elm Street

Look for Window Placement and the Brightness of Rooms on the Video

When watching an apartment video it is important to think about what is outside the windows and how bright the rooms are. Do they face South or North? This will give you an idea of how much light you can anticipate.  When viewing, pay attention to the placement of the windows.  If you have a large dresser will it block a window?  Think about if the view outside is on a rainy day or in the evening.  This will affect the lighting in the apartment video.   Notice if the apartment is on the ground floor or an upper floor.  You can use your imagination to think about the way the view or perspective changes with the weather or time of day.

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Write Down Questions as You View an Apartment Video

When you are viewing the apartment video make notes on your iPhone or have a pen to jot down questions.  You might want to stop or pause the video or watch the video more than once to see if you notice different things on the second time around.  Ask about the size of the closets you have seen or the placement of thermostats and the air conditioner.  You might want to know about pet policies or where to park.  Ask about the outdoor amenities and how close to your apartment they might be.  You most definitely want to ask about payment schedules, late fees and facts about the property.  Ask about the neighborhood and how close the property is to major roadways or public transportation.  Call the property after viewing to get answers to these questions.  They may even have community property videos like this one:

spring exterior sentinel court

Ask for a Video or Photos of the Exterior of the Apartment Building

When you choose a place to live you want to know what the grounds are like.  You can certainly see this if you go to the property and walk around but a leasing agent can also help with photos or a video of the community that can be sent to you.  Check out a property’s website for a look at the grounds and exterior amenities.  This will give you an idea of what features are on site and how they are maintained.

Ask for a Follow Up In-person Tour When the Apartment is Vacant

Many apartment communities offer an in-person tour when an apartment is vacant.  After you see a video of one that you like, ask for this option.

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Check out YouTube

Many apartment companies have a YouTube channel.  There are more than 1,100 apartment video tours on the Red Oak Life YouTube channel.  Check out this great source for New Hampshire apartment videos.  See the many locations and apartment styles that Red Oak offers.  You can subscribe to the channel and get alerted when new videos are added.   Red Oak Apartment Homes in Southern New Hampshire has a lot of variety in apartment  styles and locations to choose from.  Contact us to get started finding the apartment home that is just right for you.

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