Top 7 Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space

Let’s face it, life comes with lots of stuff.  You might even call it baggage.  We like to think of it as life memories.  You might be looking to downsize, declutter or organize your belongings.  These are all great reasons to rent a self-storage space in Milford NH.  Take a look at our top 7 reasons why folks rent a storage space.

Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space


When you are moving from one place to another it’s a great idea to have a storage space to hold your furnishings and belongings until you are sure about what items you need to keep and which to get rid of.  A storage unit will allow you to keep everything in one place and move items slowly into your new apartment or home.  You might even make some changes.  For example maybe you thought that your oversized couch would look good in your apartment’s living room.  After living with it for a few weeks or months you may decide that you’d rather have just the love seat that you saved in your storage unit. Make the switch easily and save the hassle of having to buy a new love seat.   It’s easy to settle into your new space when you don’t have to worry about getting rid of something that you might actually need.

Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space

Home Projects

As you begin to live in your new apartment you might want to make something for your new space.  It might be painting your dining room chairs or table a new color, or making a bookshelf for all your reading materials.  A storage space is a great place to keep your crafting supplies and to work on oversized projects that don’t make sense to do in your apartment.

Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space

Decluttering is a Reason to Rent a Self-Storage Space

Are you looking to create more space in the apartment you have lived in for a while? Another reason to rent a self-storage Space is to free up room in your apartment.  You can store items that you only use seasonally like holiday decorations or sporting equipment.   You can also store patio furniture, beach items and that couch that you just can’t seem to part with but it doesn’t go with your new carpet.  Storage space is inexpensive so why part with belongings that you might want in the future.

Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space

College Students Have Lots of Stuff

Do you have someone in your household who has a lot of stuff that they need in their college dorm room but not in your apartment.  A storage unit is perfect for dorm fridges, microwaves, bunk beds, dorm carpets and college sports equipment.  Do you only use your bike when on campus?  You can easily store it.  When you rent a self-storage space you keep your apartment organized and clutter free.  When your apartment community has storage on-site it’s easy to access your belongings at any time too.

Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space

Working a Business from Home Needs Storage Space

Do you work from home or have a side hustle that requires specialty equipment?   Do you have business records that you must keep on file for years?  Another reason to rent a self-storage space  is that your business or company will work more efficiently by allowing you to be more organized and to still keep the items you need to run a business.  Staying organized is a key to business success.

Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space

Moving to Downsize is a Reason to Rent a Self-Storage Space

Think about a self-storage space if you are downsizing from a large home or retiring from running a business.  You can cut down on the expense of a large home or business office and yet still hold on to things you want to keep or pass down to the next generation at some point.  This allows you to have space in a new smaller apartment for the things you need for day to day living.

Relationships Change

Transitions in life are needed when you get married or divorced, move in with your significant other, have a new baby or experience an adult child move to their own place.   It is a time to reflect on these transitions and figure out what belongings stay and which go.  This is a reason to rent a self-storage space .

A new living arrangement or people coming into or leaving your place means there is less space for your personal belongings.  This is when self-storage can come in very handy.

Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space

Need an Apartment with Self-Storage on Site?

Milford Trails Apartments and Storage at 90 Powers Street has a variety of storage units that are for rent.  A selection of different sizes makes it easy to rent a storage space that will work for you.  Drive up storage doors means loading and unloading your belongings is easy to do.  Choose a month to month lease if that works for you.  There are many Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space contact our office at 603-673-1155.  See our the Red Oak website for self storage units in Milford NH pricing and availability.

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