What Should I Consider When Renting a Self-Storage Space?

When you have too much stuff to fit into your new apartment what do you do?  You look for affordable self-storage space of course!  Your first thoughts will be to make sure the unit is safe, dry and secure.   Here are the most common questions you should consider when renting a self-storage space.

What Should I Consider When Renting a Self-Storage Space?


When you put your belongings into a self-storage space you want to be sure that you can have access to your things when you need them.  When renting a space ask if there is 24 hour access and weekend availability.  This is good if you store your sports equipment and will need it on weekends.

Security Details

Your items are important to you.  Ask about locking the storage unit.  Do you supply the locks or does the company do it.  If they supply the lock ask about what procedures are in place to keep your space secure.  You might want to know about surveillance cameras and maintenance schedules for the storage spaces.

Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Space


Consider the price when renting a self-storage space.   You will need to work the price into your monthly budget.  Many locations have a variety of sizes for their storage spaces and a variety of prices.   Pick a size that is just what you need and not too big.  If you think you will only need the space for a short term you can ask about month to month or short term leasing options.  Consider two smaller spaces if you think you will be storing some items for a longer term than the whole lot.  This will save you money.


When looking for a self-storage space figure out what size you will need before you inquire about the availability.  Be sure the facility has one that will fit your needs that will be available for the time period you will require it.  Maybe two smaller spaces is more to your liking.

Storage Unit


When you put items into storage think about how often you will want to access your belongings.  If you only want to keep things secure and do not anticipate needing to use the items then a location that might be a bit farther away from your apartment might work.  Prices are sometimes cheaper away from a city center or a high traffic area.  If, on the other hand, you know that you will be visiting the storage space often look for storage that might be on-site or very close to your apartment.

What Should I Consider When Renting a Self-Storage Space?

Need Self-Storage in Milford NH

Milford Trails Apartments and Storage at 90 Powers Street has a variety of storage units that are for rent.  A selection of different sizes makes it easy to rent a storage space that will work for you.  Drive up storage doors means loading and unloading your belongings is easy to do.  Choose a month to month lease if that works for you.

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