Valentine’s Day Dates when You are Newly Dating

Addressing the “so, what are we?” stage in relationships can be a little awkward at any time, but it can be especially tricky when it comes to making Valentine’s Day plans. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean extra pressure on the relationship-the best way to avoid the unwanted pressure of Valentine’s Day is to treat it just like any other day! There are plenty of ways for new couples to celebrate the romance of Valentine’s Day without the extra stress.

Here’s a few of our “romantic, but not-too-romantic” Valentine’s Day date ideas for new couples.

1. Visit the Ice Castles
Lincoln, NH is home to the “Ice Castles,” a breathtaking fortresses made entirely out of ice! At this a perfect Valentine’s Day date spot, couples can stroll through these mystifying castles all lit up in an array of colors

Ice Castles Lincoln New Hampshre

2. Go Skating/Sledding or Just Play in the Snow
Treat this Valentine’s Day just like any other snowy day by grabbing a sled or some skates and getting active! NH has plenty of Public Skate times offered all throughout the winter season. You could even consider making a day of it and head to Frog Pond in Boston, MA

(Rinks to try: JFK Coliseum , Conway Arena, Tri-Town Ice Arena)

couple ice skating

3. Visit a Museum or an Aquarium
Museums are a great way to spark conversation, and learn more about what interests or fascinates your partner. With everything from history and art to science and aquatic life, a museum or aquarium is the perfect place to spend this Valentine’s Day.

(Museums to try: Currier Museum of Art, Millyard MuseumMuseum of Science, New England Aqarium)

museum or aquarium

4. Cuddle up and Watch a Movie (& order Chinese Food or a Pizza)
Some couples this Valentine’s Day may prefer to not even go out at all! That’s a perfectly fine idea-there’s so much you can do right in the comfort of your own home! Here are a few suggestions…

– Make a pizza or dessert together, or do it separately and have a competition to see whose is better (and then eat it of course)
– Have a Fondue Night
– Watch a favorite movie together

(Suggested movies: The Notebook, Titanic, Gone with the Wind, A Walk to Remember, Casablanca, Love Actually…& basically any Nickolas Sparks Movie)  

movie night

5. Bundle up and Take a Drive to the Beach or Mountains
Just because it’s February doesn’t mean you can’t visit the beach! Grab a bunch of heavy blankets, bundle up in hats and mittens, pop the trunk and enjoy an on-the-go picnic!

Day trip

6. Attend a Show (concert, play, movie theatre)
Check out the latest releases or programs at local concert halls or theatres and catch a show together!


7. Visit a Candy Store or Ice Cream Parlor
Grab a sweet with your sweetie! Visit a candy store or ice cream parlor this Valentine’s day and enjoy a treat together.

(Candy/Ice Cream parlors to try: Blake’sKellerhausZebs)

candy or ice cream

8. Go Indoor Rock-climbing or to an Indoor Trampoline Park
Take a trip back to childhood this Valentine’s Day and go indoor rock climbing or to a trampoline park. This is a fun, active and silly way to spend time together this Valentine’s Day without the pressure of a conventional date

rock climbing and trampoline park

9. The Mystery Room
A big part of relationships is communication and working together! Located in North Conway, NH, couples can choose from a variety of themed “Mystery Rooms” in which they must solve a series of riddles in order to escape

escape room

10. Go on a Group Date
For couples who are especially unsure of what to do this Valentine’s Day invite friends to dinner, or wherever, and make it a group date! This way there’s no discomfort in picking an activity that seems too “couple-y”

group date

Above all have a fun time and enjoy getting to know more about each other.

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