Kitchens with Breakfast Nooks

Ever been told “breakfast is the most important meal of day”? Well it’s true! And what a treat to have a kitchen with its very own nook designed just for eating this tasty meal. Breakfast nooks are a charming touch to any kitchen. Because they add a dining space that can easily be personalized with decorative pillows, light fixtures, table accessories and more! Add a round table and achieve the classic breakfast nook with round table feel.

Here are a few tips for styling a breakfast nook in a kitchen…

round tables in breakfast nooks

Breakfast nook with round table

The spherical shape of a tulip on a round table allows for extra seating and takes up little space in your apartment’s dining nook.  Low stools or a bench are a great way to enhance your breakfast nook. Plus, they can easily be tucked away under the table when not in use.  This makes your space stylish and saves space.

decorative pillows in an apartment breakfast nook

Line a bench with decorative pillows

Decorative pillows or seat cushions are a great way to add a splash of color and spruce up your breakfast nook.  It adds lots of visual interest and design elements to the space.

lighting in your apartment

Add some lanterns or lights

Stringing lights or lanterns above your breakfast nook are a festive way to add both style and artificial lighting.  Different kinds of furniture or a table cloth can add a little diversity to your breakfast nook too . For example, wicker stools opposite a wooden bench are a great contrast and add visual impact.

Add colorful accessories to your kitchen

Wall Décor and Accessories

Accessorize with a fruit bowl, lemonade or hot cocoa dispenser, flower vases, dishware, a rug or other colorful items. The possibilities are endless.  Take something you like to look at and make it the focal point of your table.  You can also place items that you use all the time here for convenience.

Wall décor

Décor on the walls above your breakfast nook really adds a nice homey feel. A mirror on the wall even helps make the space appear larger than it actually is!

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