3 Cheap Ways to Keep your Apartment Warm

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How to keep your apartment warm – 3 cheap ways!

It’s that time of year! It’s wet, snowy and downright cold! What can you do to keep your apartment home warm and cozy?

We have a few suggestions that won’t break your bank account.

Window coverings

You can help insulate your windows from the cold very easily.  You can use plastic to wrap the inside of your windows to prevent cold air from leaking through.  Other options are hanging thick curtains over the windows. This will cut the cool air from coming into your apartment home.

Temperature / Thermostat

Turn your thermostat down to 62 or so during the times you are not home or sleeping.  This can save on your heating bill a little bit. Turn it up to a comfortable setting when you are home enjoying your apartment. Making that conscious effort can help save a lot of money over the whole winter.  If you normally keep your thermostat at 68 degrees try turning it down to 67 and put on an extra sweater.  This will also help cut costs.

Door draft barriers

One of the main sources of cold air coming into an apartment can come in from under the main door. Try rolling up a towel and putting it up against the bottom of the door. They also sell door draft barriers for a few dollars online.

Stay warm this winter!

NH Resources for controlling heating costs:

NH Fuel Assistance Program

Southern NH Energy Assistance Application Process

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