Creating a Kids Playroom in an Apartment

No matter how small your apartment may be, there is enough room in there for your kids to have their own play area. Even a corner of the living room could be a place for your kids to pretend they are on a space ship, or draw the BEST PICTURE EVER! It’s not about how much space you have, it’s about how you utilize that space, and we have some really great tips on how you can create a great play room or play area in your apartment for your child.

Organize your kid's playroom

Organize their Stuff 

One of the biggest advantages of having a kid’s playroom to have a place to put all of the child’s stuff. By using organizers, you keep things like homework, hobbies and clothes easily accessible to both you and your children. In addition, by having all of your children’s things organized in this one section of the apartment, you remove the clutter from the rest of the house, and you teach your children great organizational skills that they can use later on in life.

Kids playrooms in an apartment

Giving them Space to be Creative 

Every child loves to draw and be creative. Not only does it give them a chance to use their imagination and expand their mind, it’s also really fun too! In order for them to draw, they need a hard surface for them to create their masterpieces. By giving them a table and chairs, you give them that space to draw and do whatever activity they desire. We would shy away from the character themed furniture sets though, as they may become outdated and uncool because of the character. Instead, buy an unfinished furniture set and decorate it with your child so they can grow with it and it becomes sentimental.

kids toys in apt playroom

Make it Their Own 

While you can’t change the flooring in an apartment, you can make some subtle changes so the space feels like their own. Putting in a kid friendly rug or foam letter or number tiles help to let the child differentiate their space. In addition, putting in a bean bag chair will make the space an area that the child can play and relax in. You can also theme the room based on their likes/interests, or keep it neutral for multiple children.

kids and ipad

Unplug Them 

One of the things that you can leave out of a playroom is electronics. While tablets, televisions and DVD players can have some benefits with children, they take away from the child’s ability to use their imagination. There will be plenty of times that your child will use these electronics, but let the time in their play space be all about them and their imagination.

Outdoor fun for kids

Outdoor Fun 

When your child is not playing inside it’s a great idea to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty in your apartment’s back yard.  There may be grassy areas where you can have a picnic, play catch or Frisbee or set up chairs to read or draw.  Let your kids run around and enjoy the amenities at your property.  There may be a playground, dog park or swimming pool.  Remember to supervise your children when they are outside on the apartment property grounds.

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