Meet Your Neighbors at Redstone Apartments

Amy Silva

Property Manager, Amy Silva

Property manager, Amy Silva, had a chance to sit down with a few of our Redstone residents to learn what they had to say about Living the Red Oak Life.  It’s always fun to meet your neighbors at Redstone Apartments.

Amy met first with Chuck and Janet who are longtime residents and actually moved in before the community was purchased by Red Oak Apartment Homes and renamed Redstone. They have seen it all and have a lot of great insight on living here.

Red Oak’s Amy S.: What do you like about Redstone?

Chuck and Janet: First, the property is fairly new (3+ years old) so it meets newer construction standards, insulation, windows. We also appreciate the Energy Star ratings on appliances, heating & A/C. Another thing we like is that the office is open seven days a week and the staff is friendly & courteous, and makes every effort to address any issues that come up.

Redstone residents

Red Oak’s Amy S.: What do you think the benefits of living at Redstone are?

Chuck and Janet: Secured buildings, gorgeous landscaping, and the entrances and hallways are well maintained and clean. One other thing we really like is the same maintenance man on site daily (Mon – Fri) so he knows the property. He is friendly and courteous, and he has handled any maintenance issue we have had in a timely manner.

Red Oak’s Amy S.:  Why do you stay?

Chuck and Janet: Redstone is in a great location and is a convenient commute to work (downtown Manchester) – 2.5 miles takes maybe 10 minutes. The location also allows quick access to the local turnpike and highways so you can travel to anywhere easily. And we like all of the other positive things in the apartment and property in general.

Red Oak’s Amy S.:  What features of the property and/or apartment are your favorites?

Chuck and Janet: The washer and dryer in each unit is a big feature for us, as is Redstone being pet friendly – we have a cat. We also like the tilt-in windows for easy cleaning, and the central heating and A/C unit – in our unit, we have not turned on the heat in 4 winters (lowest inside temp was 64, we like it cool). The A/C during the summer months increases our electric bill only by about $50.00/month; we run our AC day and night set at 66.

We also had a chance to talk with Amy, who is one of our newest residents, having moved in just 2 months ago. She brings the perspective of someone just discovering what the Redstone community has to offer:

Ron Dupont with resident of Redstone Apartments

Red Oak’s Amy S.:  What do you like about Redstone?

Amy: With Redstone, I love the community activities. It is a nice way to get to know people that live near me. I also love the people that work in the front office. Since coming to see the apartments and the grounds until now, they have been amazingly helpful, easy to contact and quick to email me back. The front office staff is a HUGE reason why I chose to move to Redstone Apartments.

Red Oak’s Amy S.: What do you think the benefits of Redstone are?

Amy: I think the benefits of Redstone Apartments is location. It is located right near the mall and there are many stores and restaurants around. It is only a little over an hour from Boston, and in the other direction is the Seacoast. Everything feels very accessible.

Red Oak’s Amy S.: What features of the property and/or apartment are your favorite?

Amy: I love the central heat and air, and really love the washer and dryer in the unit too. I also love that animals are allowed. That means a lot to me.

We are so glad to hear that our residents at Redstone Apartments are happy to be living here! We want to be able to address anything, positive or negative, we hear from ANY of our residents. If you have anything to add or would like to participate in a future Redstone resident interview, please let us know!

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