Expert Advice for Touring Your Next Apartment in Southern New Hampshire

Expert Advice for Touring Your Next Apartment in Southern New Hampshire

Finding an Apartment is not all hard work.  In fact, it can be a fun adventure and be your path to independence.  Here are some tips that let you know what to look for when you tour an Apartment.  When you start looking, the most important things to decide upon are the location of the apartment, the price and size of the space and the amenities at the location.

Four other important questions to ask include:

Does the Hot Water Work? 

You want to make sure that your landlord takes care of the property.  Having appliances and hot water tanks that work is of the utmost importance.

Is There Enough Storage Space?

Take inventory of your belongings.  Then check out the closet and storage space in your apartment.  See if there are places where you might put a storage rack, bookcase or large piece of furniture to hold your belongings.  Stacking plastic boxes in a corner of your bedroom may be just the trick to help you keep all your belongings organized.  This is also time to clean out anything that you do not need or that may be broken.  Why bring it along and have the hassle of storing it.

Do I Get Good Cell Service? 

Most folks have abandoned their hard-line phones for their cell phones.  Try making a few calls from the apartment on your cell phone while you are on a tour.  This will give you an idea of your cell strength and the speed of your streaming data.  Try making a call from the parking lot or the front entrance too.

Can I hear the Neighbors? 

We all like peace and quiet at certain times of the day.  Visit the property you are interested in renting at various times of the day to see what the noise and activity levels are like.  This may help you make your decision about whether or not the place is right for you.

Rent from a Reputable Landlord or Property Owner

A Red Oak Apartment Home in Manchester, Milford and Derry may be just the thing you need.  We have such a wide variety of locations, layouts and price points, I'm sure you will find one that is just right for you.  Check out our website here.  Our No Security Deposit program will save you money when you move-in.