The Hidden Costs of Moving Out of Your Apartment

Moving out of your apartment

Since 1984 Red Oak Apartment Homes has been renting exceptional apartment homes.  We are in the business of providing people with reasons to stay in their apartments.  We offer many programs that make it easy to rent from us.  Flexible leasing, no security deposits, transfer options, lots of choices for styles and locations in Southern New Hampshire and easy approvals are just a few of the ways we accomplish this.

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Why People Move

The reality is that many people like to move.  It might be that they like change; and living in a new place is a way to achieve that.  Sometimes a move comes when a change in life occurs.  It might be a marriage, a new baby or a divorce.  Getting a new job in another location precipitates a move too.  We all get a little excited to switch things up.  But before you make the decision to move, first do your homework about the total costs of changing your apartment.

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Apartment Move Out Fees

  1. Fees Associated with Changing to Another Apartment:  Most rental companies charge an application fee and charge a security deposit.  These fees can add up if there is a per person application fee or if the required security deposit is for multiple months.  If your lease is not complete where you already live, there are often large fees to get out of an existing lease.  Estimated cost:  $1200-$2200
  2. Moving Company:  Did you know that on average it requires about 5 hours, 2 people and one truck to make a move from a 1-bedroom apartment.  That’s translates into a lot of money if you don’t have the time, a truck and some friends to help you do it yourself.  Professionals have the equipment to move furniture and bulky items safely and in a manner that will not damage them or the walls of your apartment.  Many movers charge a minimum so even if you only have a few items to move you still pay a lot of money to move them.  Estimated cost: $800- $1,200
  3. Pet Deposits:  Many apartment companies charge a pet deposit for your furry friends when you move in.  If you already have a pet in your current apartment you do not get this deposit back.  In essence, every time you move you are paying for the privilege of having a pet again and again.  Estimated cost:  $200 -$600
  4. Unexpected fees when you move:  Moving is hectic and hard work.  Sometimes things get misplaced, broken or thrown away by mistake.  Now you will have the expense of replacing, fixing or searching for items you once had.  When you get to your new place you might want to paint or upgrade your furniture and this is an added expense.  What if your big sectional doesn’t fit in your new apartment…now you have to buy a new sofa.  Imagine the lost money from loss of work time, buying moving supplies and other unexpected expenses.  You know that you will probably eat out for a few days when you move because your new kitchen is not set up.  This adds up.  Estimated cost:  $400
  5. Transferring Utilities:  When you move, many utilities charge a fee to set up your new account for the first time.  This often happens if you move to a new location that was not serviced by your previous utility company.  Estimated costs:  $100
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You can see that moving will cost you between $2,700 and $4500 on average in New England.  That’s a lot of money that you could put into something else.

Red Oak Apartment’s End of Lease Transfer Policy

At Red Oak we know that moving is a big expense.  That is why we have created an innovative policy to help you renew your lease or if you must move you can mitigate costs by transferring into another one of our apartment communities when your current lease is completed. 

You will pay no transfer fee when you:

  1. Complete the term of your current lease
  2. Move to a Red Oak Apartment in another town, or…
  3. Move to a Red Oak apartment in your current town and increase or decrease your number of bedrooms.

We hope you’ll be happy living in your Red Oak apartment forever, but if you must move we have you covered with more than 1,900 area apartments.  We can help you find a new place that will work for you.

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