How to Exercise Your Pet if you Live in an Apartment!

How to Exercise Your Pet if you live in an Apartment

Keeping your pets healthy is a priority for all pet owners.  This means watching out for what they eat and keeping them exercised.

If you have noticed that your furry friend may be looking a little plump there are plenty of ways to shed their pounds even if you have limited space.

Don't let the rain or a cold day put a damper on your pet’s day of fun and exercise. No matter the size of your apartment home there are still many ways to exercise your dog or cat indoors.

Tips for Exercising Your Pets Indoors

#1.  Have your pet work for their food or treats:

Most dogs love the Kong dog treat holder and they burn calories while having fun.

Rather than leaving the cat dish on the floor move it to the counter or table.

You can even play hide and seek with your pets treats throughout your home.   Hiding the treats in different rooms will get them up and moving.

#2.  Pets love laser pointers: 

Such a simple invention can keep your pet entertained for hours, convinced they will someday actually get the red dot.  This allows them to get moving and enjoy some exercise.

#3.  Use exercise equipment for your pet!

People have found that dogs actually like treadmills; if done slowly and supervised this can actually give your pup the same exercise as a long walk outdoors.

Cats love climbing, why not invest in a kitty tower. This will provide your cat with not only exercise but a cozy sleeping spot when he is done.

Above all have fun and your pet will be happy and healthy for a long time!

Find a Great NH Apartment That Welcomes Your Pets

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