How to Find the Perfect Roommate

How to Find the Perfect Roommate

You could have found the perfect place to rent but no one to share it with. Maybe you are in a pickle because you need an apartment as soon as possible and everywhere you search is either too expensive or too big. No matter what situation you are in, sometimes you need a roommate. Finding that perfect roommate can be like playing that claw game in every arcade; a blind grab into hundreds of potential candidates and even then the perfect roommate could slip from your grasp. Luckily, you do not need a bag of quarters in order to “bag” the perfect roommate. Here are some helpful strategies and tips to turn that empty room into a room-mate.

Ask Around

Some people swear by living with their best friends or even family. Other people would rather not potentially tarnish an already great relationship. Even if you do not want to put a strain on the relationship you have with your family and friends, it is still a really good idea to ask the people who know you best. They may have someone they know that is looking for a roommate, which can hopefully be a glowing reference. If there are no potential candidates there, the Internet will be helpful. There are so many websites that can help you find your perfect roommate. Sites like Craigslist or even Facebook can have posts of people that are looking for roommates. Even you could get in on the posting action. Other websites are like an online dating site where you are given questions like a personality test regarding how you live to match you up with people who have a similar life style.  Always be careful when meeting people fromthe intenet.  You might consider meeting them for an interview in a neutral public space.  If they make the cut then you could have them come to your apartment for a second interview.  Always ask for references and make sure they are credit worthy.

Meet & Greet

Just like finding an apartment online and then going to tour it, you should schedule a meeting between you and the potential roommates you found or were matched with. This is so both of you can get to know each other better. Good areas to inquire about can be what they do for a living, why they are searching for an apartment/ roommate, their nightly and weekend habits, smoking/drinking regularity, etc. It is not a rule that you have to become best friends with your roommate but you should also know beforehand who are going to being living with and if they are a match to the kind of lifestyle that you have become accustomed to.

Create a Contract

Finally, you and your roommate should create a contract detailing everything about your newly rented apartment. What each of you is paying for, how each of you are paying and all other financial topics are crucial to know in order for both parties to be fully aware of what their side of the agreement is. Once you both know how much the other person makes and can afford, it becomes easier to figure out how much each person pays for rent, the food bill and other apartment costs down the road. Writing it down as a contract also puts you and your roommate on an honest path and it is hard to dispute something as unknown if you put your name to a document that stated otherwise.


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