How to Give Notice to Your Landlord

How to give notice to your landlord

When it comes time to move out of your apartment you will need to give proper notice that you will be vacating the premises. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you give notice to your landlord.

Tips for giving notice to the landlord


First and foremost, check your lease, some companies require a 30-day written notice others may require 60+ days. This is crucial information to know because you will be financially responsible if that correct notice is not given.

Next, you will want to contact your management office or landlord to find out what paperwork is required when you give notice. Some companies will have a special form that will need to be filled out, others will accept a letter that you have provided. Important information that needs to be added into the letter: The date that you’re handing in your notice as well as the date you plan on vacating. You will want to put your forwarding address and updated phone numbers also. Put name and address of where you currently live so there is no confusion. You will always be asked what the reason is that you are vacating. This is important information for your landlord to know. They will want to know if you are leaving because you were not satisfied with something in the apartment home or Management Company. Or if it is because of work transfers, education transfers etc… This is an example of a notice to vacate letter.

Date: _______________

Resident Name: ____________________________________


Vacating:_______________________________________________________ I, the resident of the above apartment hereby give you my _______ day notice that I intend to vacate this apartment on __________.  Anything remaining after that date can be considered abandoned or discardable.                                                                                   

 I have completed the term of my Lease Agreement.      I have not completed the term of my Lease Agreement.

I am vacating this apartment because:



 My Forwarding Address is: 




____________________                ___________________________

Resident’s Signature                                         Resident’s Contact Phone #


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