Insider Tips for Saving Money When You Move

How to save money when moving out of an apartment

Most people move at least once every 5 years.  It can be for many exciting reasons like moving to be close to a new job, getting married or having children.   In New Hampshire there are many great locations with both city settings and suburban locations for your next apartment home.  Moving doesn’t have to be too expensive.  Here are some moving tips to help you save money when you make your next move.

moving boxes

Stock up on Boxes:  Buying boxes from moving companies can get expensive.  Why not start collecting boxes from stores or friends several weeks before your move to save that cash.  Also save newspaper to use as packing wrap, look for sales on tape and other packing supplies early.

Start as soon as you know you have to move:  Go through everything and discard what you don’t want or need.  Why pay to move things you don’t want.

Pack boxes yourself:  Once you have de-cluttered pack those boxes yourself.  You will save a bundle and you can put items in boxes in an orderly fashion that makes sense to you.  Be sure to label your boxes for contents and room location.  This will help out at the other end, the boxes can be placed in the correct rooms.

labeled moving boxes

Friends Help Friends Move:  If your move is not a long distance one it might be possible to solicit the help of your friends on moving day.  They might have vans or trucks that are big enough to do the job for you.  This will save a lot of money.  Remember they will expect you to help them when they move in the future.

Make the Day a Fun One:  Have a moving day pizza party at your new apartment once everything is brought in.  Don’t expect your friends to unpack your boxes.

Save by Selecting the Right Apartment Home:  You can streamline costs by choosing an apartment that fits your budget, size requirements and location needs.   Thankfully Red Oak Apartment Homes has a large variety of studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments to choose from.  With locations in 7 NH towns and over 1,900 apartments we have what is just right for you.  How about a Historic Property with a loft, or an environmentally conscious smart apartment home in Manchester? Maybe a pet friendly apartment in Milford?  Country locations in Derry, Laconia or Concord are popular too.  Pick what you like. 

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