The Lowdown on Manchester Gyms


The Lowdown on Manchester Gyms

Looking to get healthier and fit?  The common phrase for being healthier is, “diet and exercise”.  When it comes to exercising, people have so many different ways they stay in shape.  Some prefer to do it on their own with solo runs in the great outdoors while others like the structure of a gym or health club.   Manchester has tons of gym options for anyone ranging from "Fitness Gurus" to "Fitness WhoKnews." Below are some gyms to check out for a healthier lifestyle in the Queen City..   

FITLAB Fitness Club Manchester - 89 Dow Street

FITLAB Fitness Club Manchester has been around for a few years and is positively reviewed by everyone that goes there. The staff considers FITLAB to be much more than just a fitness center.   These dedicated professionals can help anyone to reach their fitness and life goals in a communal setting. For Manchester gyms, this is one of the best places to transform your body and mind. They promote a healthy body and mind with classes that address many facets of getting healthy.


Planet Fitness - 89 Huse Road, 99 Eddy Road

Planet Fitness is by far one of the most popular gyms in the New England region for more than just the obvious reason that its corporate office is located in the Granite State.  Plant Fitness offers a low cost option for those looking for a fitness club.  PF provides many membership options and unlimited access to your home club, making it well worth the membership fees.   These fees sometimes start as low as $10 a month with no long term committments.  The PF Black Card members get more perks, but it will cost you a little more each month. Free fitness training allows for any beginner to understand how their muscles work and what workouts will benefit them the most. Planet Fitness is a clean and welcoming environment.  They call it a “judgement-free zone”.

Executive Health & Sports Center - 1 Highlander Way

Executive Health & Sports Center has been in the area for over three decades, making it one of the flagship gyms in the city. The staff here wants to educate the community in a fun and social environment. There are innovative and results-based programs that help to yield positive outcomes for their customers. Consistently, this business is rated as one of the best heath-based businesses in the state. With loyal members and dedicated staff, this is definitely a gym to check out.  The Executive has many more ways to work other than most clubs.  Is swimming your passion?  They have that.  What about racketball, tennis, pickleball or golf?  They have that too.  Membership includes some free personal train sessions to get you started.  The club has been updated and renovated in recent years and is kept in immaculate shape.  


 The Zoo Health Club - 377 South Willow Street

The Zoo Health Club is a fabulous 24-hour access gym.  The Zoo has state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment. Fitness classes run throughout the day and have a myriad of fun ways to work out with all of your friends. An added bonus to working out here is that there is a daycare inside to drop your children off at while you work out. After getting your sweat on, try out the shake and smoothie bar and discover how fun and delicious eating healthy can be.

The Martial Arts Zone, LLC - 31 Auburn Street

If pumping iron and Zumba are not your thing, come to the Martial Arts Zone, LLC, and take self-defense classes from the friendly and encouraging staff. This is a clean, spacious, and professional establishment that offers classes and levels for any skill level. The Martial Arts Zone is touted as one of the best places to learn martial arts and train in Manchester. The staff is able to break down ideas and concepts step by step so that every student never feels left out or confused. What is learned at this studio is not only the moves themselves but the philosophy and teachings of self-defense in general.

Live in an Apartment with a Gym

There are several Red Oak Apartments that are near to all of these gyms. Some of Red Oak's apartments have a cardio room or gym on site.   Sunset Ridge and Red Oak at 875 Elm have their own fitness center and cardio equipment for a more convenient work out.  Living in an apartment community that is near outdoor amenties can also be a way to stay fit.  Take a look at the acres of wooded walking trails at Red Oak's Milford Trails Apartments in Milford, NH.  


We will be continuously updating this guide, so visit us frequently for even more in-depth info on living in The Queen City. Tired of that weird noise your car is making? Our next topic will be about some of the best car repair shops in Manchester!