The Lowdown on Popular Coffee Shops in Manchester, NH

The Lowdown on Popular Coffee Shops in Manchester, NH

Why are coffee shops so popular?  It is a given that folks love to flock to a good coffee shop throughout the day.  We love ones that draw you in with a cool vibe, cozy colors, chill music and an atmosphere of people hanging around working, socializing or talking with friends.

Coffee is popular.  Did you know that 64% of American adults drink coffee?  There are many varieties of specialty coffee drinks that you can enjoy in your local coffee shop.  Many offer free Wi-Fi, lunch and breakfast items as well as entertainment on special occasions. 

Here are some of our favorites in Manchester, NH

Café La Reine:    

Located at 915 Elm Street, this eclectic café is always bustling with professionals, students and apartment dwellers.  The offerings from Blue Fire Coffee Roasters include a variety of blends, espressos, Teas, Chai and Hot Chocolate.  Enjoy juices and smoothies with breakfast sandwiches and bowls.  Check out their menu.

Restoration Café:

Located at 235 Hanover Street.  The motto at this quaint java shop on a quiet side street with a beautiful outdoor patio is “Clean Food for Real People.”  The beverage menu includes a great selection of coffee and espresso, cold brewed coffees, juices and smoothies.  The menu includes some very healthy and energizing breakfast bowls that are sure to power you for the day.  We love the lunch vibe with delicious sandwiches.  Try the truffle popcorn.  It’s made fresh daily and is a real treat.

A & E Coffee Roastery

Downtown Manchester is blest with several great café settings.  Don’t miss out on the scene at A&E Coffee Roastery located at 1000 Elm Street.  We love that there is a parking garage behind this building so we can always find parking when we stop by.  The interior is bright and cheery with amazing varieties of coffees and teas.  Lattes are always piping hot and expertly made.  They are open 7 days a week at this location so you will never be without your coffee fix.   

Chain Coffee Shops

Many people like to visit the large chain coffee establishments.  Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are often located in convenient places with plenty of parking, a drive thru window and a very predictable menu of coffees.  It’s a great way to get your java fix quickly and easily.  Starbucks even has an app that allows you to load money onto it.  This way you don’t have to be fumbling in your pocket to pay for your coffee break.  Dunkin and Starbucks are located in many neighborhoods and in downtown Manchester.

Apartments near Coffee Shops in Manchester

There are many options for apartment living in Manchester.  If you like to wake up and walk to work, shopping or your favorite coffee shop then Red Oak Apartment Homes can help.  We have several options that are right in the heart of the arts and theatre district in downtown.  The historic and luxury offerings at Red Oak at 875 Elm St and the Opera Block Apartments are at the top of the list for those who love the city vibe and convenience of walking everywhere.  Contact Red Oak for information on living in these amazing properties.