Red Oak Apartments in Manchester are Pet Friendly

Red Oak Apartments in Manchester are Pet Friendly

One of the many things that Red Oak prides itself on is being pet friendly. There isn’t one apartment in our entire company where you will not be able to bring a pet. In addition, our pet fees are some of the most reasonable you are going to find anywhere. If you are planning on moving and you are looking to take your pet with you, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

For any of Red Oak's properties, the maximum number of pets per apartment is two. If your apartment accepts dogs and cats, you can choose to have one of each or two dogs or two cats.

If You Are a Cat Person…

If you and your cat are looking for a new place to call home, you are in luck! There isn’t a single Red Oak Apartment that will not accept your cat! It doesn’t matter what breed or size your cat is, they will be able to live the Red Oak life with you in whichever Red Oak apartment you choose!

For every Red Oak Apartment in Manchester (with the exception of Sunset Ridge and Redstone Apartments), as well as our apartments in Hooksett, Boscawen, Merrimack, Laconia, Derry and Highland Estates in Milford, the monthly fee for a cat is only $5/per month per Cat.  At Sunset Ridge and Redstone Apartments the fee is $35 per cat.

Dog Lovers Only

One of the realities of shopping for an apartment is that it is a lot trickier to find an apartment when you have a dog. Fortunately, Red Oak has a lot of options for those of you who need a place for your pooch as well! We have options in Manchester and Milford for both smaller dogs and larger dogs, subject to our restricted breed list.

Your first option in Manchester is our Sunset Ridge property, which accepts dogs up to 25 pounds subject to our restricted breed list. You can find a copy of our restricted breed list for Sunset Ridge at Sunset Ridge Restricted Breed List . 

Dogs up to 100 pounds are welcome at our Redstone Apartments location, as long as they are not on the restricted breed list which can be found here: Restricted Breed List for Redstone Apartments.  

Over at our Milford Trails and Eastern Trails property, we allow dogs up to 100 pounds subject to our restricted breed list which can be found at Restricted Breed List for Milford Trails Apartments

Our new property in Milford called The Ridge at Eastern Trails Apartments and Townhomes welcomes dogs in every building with the exception of building 52.  We accept small dogs up to 25 pounds at this property.  Restricted Breed List for The Ridge at Eastern Trails Apartments.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at any other Red Oak Properties.

Other Pets:

If you are looking to have a different type of pet, the best course of action would be to call the office for the property you are looking to rent from and ask. Generally, if the pet is confined to a cage or a tank for the majority of the time (Ex: Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Fish), they should be okay, but always ask and make sure.

Manchester is a great NH city to live in!  Red Oak Apartment Homes can help you find your perfect place.  Check out our apartment availability list or contact us.