Save Money by Giving Up Expensive Habits

Save Money by Giving Up Expensive Habits

There are things that we do every day that are costing us a lot of money.  Many of these habits are not essential to our health and well-being.  You can save money just by cutting back or cutting out some of these habits in your lifestyle.  Many of them can be enjoyed occasionally as a treat.    By keeping them as a treat you will improve your financial status.  Save Money by Giving Up Expensive Habits. Here is our list of the top 5 ways you can start to save money just save money by giving up expensive habits.

  1.  Drinking and Smoking.  It’s easy to forget how the costs add up.  You might stop for a glass of wine with friends twice a week, or smoke a pack of cigarettes every day.  On average Americans spend about $435 per year on alcohol and $600 a year on smoke related goods.  That’s over $1,000 that could be in your pocket.  We know that it may be hard to give up these habits for good, but by just cutting back it will make a big difference on your wallet and your health.
  2. Nail Salons.  Many ladies enjoy a manicure and pedicure on a routine basis.  Let’s face it salons charge a lot of money for this.  You can easily do it yourself and save big.  It takes just a little practice to get the results you want.
  3. Eating Out.  This is a guilty pleasure that everyone enjoys.  You can save by cutting back on dining out and trips to fast food restaurants.  Sure it’s fast and easy, but with a little bit of planning you can make meals ahead that you can quickly pop in the oven or microwave yourself.  This can save you a ton of money.
  4. Coffee.  If you are in the habit of stopping for coffee every day you spend about $25 a week for this convenience.  Multiply this by 52 weeks a year and you have $1,300 that is out of your wallet.  Make coffee at home.  Invest in a good travel mug and start saving.
  5. The Gym.  Gym memberships are expensive and we are all for staying healthy, but why not forgo the huge membership fees and exercise at home or outside.  Need the social aspect of exercise…why not invite a few friends to run with you, play tennis or walk.  It’s fun and cheap.


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