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Fighting Odors in Your Apartment with Low Cost Solutions from your Pantry

Let’s face it…odors happen.  It might be your smelly gym clothes after a jog, pet odors or that fishy smell after cooking a meal.  There is no need to buy expensive products for fighting odors in your apartment.  Here are 4 common items that you may already have in your cabinets or pantry that will do the trick when fighting many common odors. These ideas can save you money and often times help save the environment too.

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Holiday Cookie Swaps Made Easy!

It’s the time of year for holiday baking and enjoying sweet treats from your oven.  Oftentimes it’s hard to decide what goodies to bake and what recipes will give you the best results.  We would like to offer this amazing tried and true cookie recipe that has been a favorite at holiday cookie swaps for many years.  The best part about it that one basic cookie dough can be the base for 8 different cookies. 

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Fried Pickles: The New "Super Cool" Snack

Fried pickles have been making quite the stir this past year popping up in various places in Manchester.  Have you tried them yet?

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Prevent Condensation on Your Apartment Windows this Winter

It is common for condensation to build up on the interior of your windows during the cold winter months. The common cause of this problem is when the temperature inside your apartment varies greatly from the temperature outside.   Here are some tips to Prevent Condensation on Your Apartment Windows this Winter.

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Making a Quick and Yummy Dessert

Trifle Recipe Worth Trying--Making a quick and yummy dessert that would be great to bring to your next party.

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Getting rid of Cat Smells in your Apartment

What’s not to love about Cats? They are cute, cuddly and are the perfect companion when you are in need of a little pick me up. However, the may leave behind odors that are not the most appealing. Cleaning up these odors can be challenging, but by arming yourself with the right tools and knowledge, you can take care of them in no time. 

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